Captain Scarlet Aiming at a unseen Mysteron agent



Mega Low res ladder?

Wheres your quality :frowning:
The one with the train was much better!

A: The eyes is a source engine error
B: The bulletholes were a request from Neodement who i made it for(Go check his post in Daimao’s Mod Emporium)
C: Not really my fault there’s like 3 tf2 ladders and 2 are wood.

take his crit

No I mean why didnt you pose the eyes?`
Would look much better.

With the bulletholes the scout looks like he is made out of metal.

Why then take a ladder?

Fix those bugs edit it a lil bit and the picture will be good :smiley:

I did pose the eyes but, beh it’s better than his eyes being bright white.

Bulletholes is because he’s wearing a bulletproof vest


Why are you doing Captain Scarlett poses?
That guy looks like a freakin Action Man.

It’s true that I requesed the bulletholes so you’re gonna have to complain about something else

Because Captain Scarlet is awesome

but captain scarlet gets old after a bit

i mean, jeez, he’s only one of out the giant plethora of indestructible heroes out there. i can make a gigantic megathread full of them and it still wouldn’t be enough. the pose is okay; the bullet dents don’t really make sense though(if he’s wearing a bulletproof vest there’d be holes in his shirt) and the lighting is bad. 2/5

Text is quite hard to read.

If you can’t read text that big you need glasses

I believe chesty was referring to the close-togetherness of the letters, not the size.

If you can’t take crits that good, you need help.