Captain Scarlet stands cautiously next to world president as Captain Blue reasons.

Looks more like RED Scout stands badly posed next to RED Spy as BLU Scout breaks his leg.

I thought Francis would be more suitable for Captain Scarlet, but it’s still a good concept.

You are a legally insane man.

Very very insane.

Sounds about right.

And again you shitpost more because i flamed you in steam chat.

Francis is indestructable, and so is Captain Scarlet. All Francis would need is a Captain Scarlet reskin and he’d be ready for Supergarryonation (Gmod Supermarionation).

Scout has respawns.

And is easier to pose

Besides francis looks jack shit like Scarlet

So do all the TF2 chars.

I thought they’d be roundabout the same posability…

Francis at least has a sense of indestructability akin to Captain Scarlet.

No, your pose is just bad.

That’s all.

Francis would suck as Cpt Scarlet. end of.