Captain "Soap" MacTavish model

So,I would live is someone ported diz guy into GMod.There is already one in his SAS clothes,and I thought that this one would be amazing for GModders.Also,If someone is going to port it just one favor-please,please,pleeeeaaase make face and eyes posable,the last one didnt and its kinda difficult to make poses with such a great model without him ‘making’ a face.

Ok so this is what Im talking about:

I hope someone will port him :smiley:

its going to take quite a while you know

I can wait as long as it takes :wink:

I have seen a lot of them in the screenshots section but I don’t think they were released yet.

This player pack has soap, he’s finger posable too.

Wow, did you guys even read what he requested or even look at the picture?
He wants him in that specific outfit.

And yeah, it would be awesome.

I’ve got it…that’s why I posted that pic in particular…

oh and if you want him in that suit from the pic, its still not ported yet

ahhh soon their will be mw2 model packs just like the first mw