Captain Vance in the sun.

My first scene build, EVER! C&C?


Zoomed out

I was in the process of writing a paragraph in response to this but I got lazy.

So here it is in point form:
-Vance’s head looks too big.
-Vance’s pose, overall, looks ‘weak’. Meaning, he lacks anything to make him interesting/imposing/whatever.
-I’ve grown to hate scenebuilds. Something about them always look constructed and not very interesting. (I have Kalixx to thank for that).
-There appears to be a lot of wasted space in that grass. Maybe some rocks or minor additional foliage.
-Not to mention the grass looks like it’s floating (out of your control, I guess).
-The weapon choice seems a little too random for my liking. But that’s just me.

I believe that’s it…

What he said. And also the AK looks huge and trees are too bunched up together.

Blame Rusty for proportions, blame me for not using the inflator tool I guess.


I’m going to assume that means you don’t like the scene that much.

I based it off of a place I have been to. I don’t remember seeing any rocks in the clearing before the forest.

Also noted.

I thought that using random weapons made the conscripts look less organized. Maybe I was wrong.

Not necessarily.

I guess that’s reasonable. But also, this is from a viewer’s standpoint. If you were not here to tell me that, then I’d be left with my previous notion. As a result, the picture itself seems to lack substance to me.

True. I’m looking at Vance’s gun in particular. I mean, that is a very odd gun. Then you have that combine rifle and that AK (I’m no gun nut, so I don’t know the technical/tactical name for it). I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but it looks odd.

I’ll fix it tomorrow.

same here, no matter what all scenebuilds seem to look either too cluttered or fullbright-ish due to the lighting

Or very arbitrarily-arranged and unnatural