"Captain, you need to take a look at this!"


1080p version


Comments & Criticism are welcome!

Awesome posing, the only criticism I’ve got is that this picture would heavily benefit from downsampling (either through the poster command or, if you want to use SDOF, the method I talk about in that thread), and better use of compression. Seeing aliasing in the specularity of the things in the tubes, and jpeg compression, sort of takes away from the atmosphere of an otherwise awesome, dark screenshot.

But that’s just me being picky, this is a really great picture.

Whoa, where are those tubes from? That’s radical.


you did good! love it!
nice use for these.

Is that Sweetwater from BFBC in the background?

Thanks for the feedback and the links, definitely worth the read! I noticed that my original JPEG (before I uploaded it) is much higher quality than even the 1080p (non resized) picture I posted. Would be able to recommend a better website I could use to upload - that doesn’t lose the quality like Imageshack does? This looks grainy and poorly compressed, never really noticed until now! D:

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Nope, it’s the same as the other two soldiers (Resident Evils BSAA)

Awesome, i really love the creepy atmosphere in this!

I’m really digging the material use for the water/fluid. Very clever.

I almost gave up with this scene because I couldn’t get the atmosphere the way I wanted. But then I just started spamming lamps into the room. There’s like 15 tiny lamps with different colours, haha! It seemed to have worked though! :smiley:

are you really talking about lamps or lights?
because more then 4 or 5 lamps will cause shadow glitches, for me at least.

2 lamps will lag my game a lot, I never had that problem until last update.

I really like the picture, but you could use some better anti-aliasing, especially around the reflections, especially since they are looking a bit pixelated. While on the subject of reflections, they are really white washed. I’m not exactly sure how to fix this in GMod, but it wouldn’t improve the picture that much anyway. Also, this is a brilliant picture, I love the posing on the soldiers, and if there was any on the weird ass aliens bastards in the tubes, it’s quite lovely. I only have one other “pet peeve” on this picture, it is that the dude rappelling looks like an image pasted in the background, not really like one that was actually part of the scene. Really nice though :D.

Thanks for the feedback xiGRAHAMix, I really appreciate your thoughts on how to improve! I’m not the best with anti-aliasing so I’ve been playing trying to improve thanks to [LOA] SonofBrim’s thread. The guy repelling didn’t turn out quite like I wanted but I’m not sure what it is, just feels too static I guess.

And the monster(s) inside the tube normally look like this, just added the tentacles from TheMask’s thread.


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Yeah, I was talking about lamps. I don’t have any problems with lamps actually. Could it be your specs? I have a pretty powerful rig but it takes forever to load maps compared to other games like BF3. Everybody has their own personal Garrysmod glitches, haha.