"Captain's hit, unknown target in that building, open fire!"

My 2nd pose in Gmod and attempt at editing.




C&C :ohdear:

Maybe try and get some splatter brushes and use some motion blur on them, and layer different blood splatters up with different motion blur angles, so the blood doesn’t looks like it’s just flying out of the person. And when you do muzzleflashes, try to add the some colour as the edge of the muzzleflash (thatswhat I do anyways). And duplicate the orginial layer of the muzzleflash and use some Gaussian Blur (for GIMP) and use a high variable so it looks like a sort of glow/light , and MAYBE ** MAYBE** use some motion blur on the original layer of the muzzleflash (and makesure it’s the layer with the flash on it) to give it a neat effect (IMO).
That’s about all I can think of to help, I don’t know
Trippin oot @.@ I give you Optimistic :buddy: /Rant

Jesus, what kind of bullet did he get hit with?

Thanks Noteloc for the tips, and itak365, it’s an unknown target, so we don’t know :buddy:.

muzzleflash looks flat

You have to practise a bit more with photoshop

One that breaks the fourth wall. >.>

im guessing a 1.00 cal

fix’d, i’m not exactly a fan of hollywood “fly through the air from being shot”.

The gore looks like it’s splattering against the “screen”, not a bad thing really. I kinda like it. The muzzle flash looks really bad and damn, they must have the sharpest reflexes and be the fastest speakers in the world if they can say a sentence and open fire before their NCO hits the ground.

This would have been better with in-game post-processing and effects.

sadface the blood is so bad i want to cry

So this guy has said “Captain’s hit, unknown target in that building, open fire!” and the guy has started shooting… Before the Captain’s body even hit the ground? I mean, the blood has barely started coming out of his chest and this dude’s barked and order and had supressing fire laid down on the target :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, I can only mirror previous statements. You’ve got depth of field effects (blurring, essentially) on the parts where the muzzle flash and blood have been painted over, but the flash and blood themselves aren’t affected as they should be… They’re sharp, clean and unblurred while everything around and ‘below’ them (depth-wise) is.

The body to the left should perhaps be lying on the ground dead, as it looks a bit odd having everything happening all at once (bodies flying, guns shooting, people reacting…) all a bit Matrix-ish.

i read “Captain’s shit…”

That’s nice.

I’m not surprised that people are getting hit, from the area those soldiers are standing they’re easy targets for the “unknown target” which I can only assume you were too lazy to pose. There’s also no identity with this pose, is it a WWII pose? If so then the map you chose for it is extremely poor. You got a guy in the back getting hit but you forgot to edit his blood and the blood you did edit it is shit and isn’t even blurred, and it’s covering the hand of the other guy falling down. The one guy actually firing is the worst, no one holds their weapons like that. Go look up on Google the correct way to hold a gun before making more of these. The muzzleflash is also awful partly because it’s covering a part of the barrel and it looks really out of place from the rest of the poorly-done scene.

blood looks like it was splashed onto a mirror or flat glossy object. Muzzleflash doesnt like so much quite a realistic muzzleflash. The posing is decent.

I’m going to say what Chesty would probably say.
Make you posing good before you attempt editing.