Capture the Tower.

This will be replaced with any fixed versions.

Change Log:
Fixed chat messages, they now say tower instead of chum.
Fixed some color issues.
Fixed a few other small problems.

Sorry for the low quality images.

o Here is a very old game of mine, my second gamemode ever finished to be exact. I thought I would release it since I hardly ever use it anyways and people thought it was fun to play on. Honestly it’s not the best gamemode in the world due to it being my second gamemode ever made. This also means it’s not as optimized as it could be(mainly the clientside code). I will try to fix any bugs people find but I won’t be making any more updates to this gamemode, just fixed versions.

o I lost the original test map so I had to whip up this quick one it comes with. If you would like to decompile the map add textures more detail ect it’s fine with me just make sure to change the map name and not just the ending “_v*” part.

o It is a pretty unique game, similar to Team Fortress 2 and the idea came from PeanutZero. Most bugs should be fixed and it should be very easy to edit and map for.

F1 Menu - Purchase new classes & check the rules.
Q Menu - Building menu for barriers, ramps, walls, ect.

Overview - The game is similar to any capture the point game with a twist of being able to build while fighting. Your goal is to capture all of the towers before the other team does while at the same time protecting your own. If you do not have at least one tower captured you don’t have a place to spawn, and if you don’t have a place to spawn you better hope any living teammates captures a tower or if they all die you will lose.

Towers - To capture a tower just hold the use key on it, default key is E. One capturing you will see the percent bar filling up with your teams color, once at 80+ percent you will have captured the tower and can move on to another. You will see at least 3 boxes at the top of your screen, these basically tell you which team has how many towers and which ones are captured or being captured indicated by the color changing.

Props - They are all custom models included with the game and will download for clients. You can heal them by holding your use key while aiming at them. To heal them you must be within a few feet of the prop or it will not work. To view the props health just aim at it and a bar will appear at the bottom of your screen.

Cash - To earn cash all you need to do is kill other players or capture a tower. You also get money for winning a round.

Classes - Each time you want to change a class you have to purchase it. Just left click on the desired class and it will respawn you as them.

Building - To build all you need to do is hold your build menu button, default is Q, and select a prop. Once selected, move your mouse onto the ground somewhere and left click again. This will place your prop and it will start to generate health. To rotate a prop, just select the one you want and click the rotate button and it will turn 45 degrees.

Q & A
Did you come up with the idea for this gamemode?
- No, it was brought up by PeanutZero, it was created entirely by me after his decision not to work on it anymore.

What do I need to know when mapping for this game?
- All you need to add are the following entities: chum, redchum, bluechum. All spawn points are handled in game.

What do the three entities chum, redchum, and bluechum do?
- A chum is an uncaptured chum, red and blue chums are ones captured already by the red or blue team.

Can I add or change classes?
- Yes, in fact it is very simple to do. Just check out post 4, it has an example and includes what you need to do to add/edit a class.

How do I add myself as owner?
- Just go into the shared.lua file and add the last numbers of your steamid in the owners list at the top, example included.

Why are you releasing this?
- I like to play the game but currently can’t host a decent server for it and hope others can.

I found a bug, what should I do?
- Post it here unless it is something players can abuse then private message it to me.

What can be done if you are on the owners list?
- Currently only noclip and get an [Owner] tag before your text in the chat box.

What props are those?
- They are custom, included in the pack and work just fine.

This should include everything about the gamemode, if you have any questions or comments post them. If I forgot to include something in this thread or the download tell me as well and I will fix it.

:neckbeard: This looks fun. Ill try it out sometime.

Wow, it looks great, -snip-

Oh yea I forgot to mention that when I was making the gamemode I think I was trying to make everything very easy to customize or edit for myself. Which means it will be very easy to edit for you guys too. To add a class just go to the shared.lua file and look at how I did it. All it requires is one line and that’s it.

[lua]Class[“SUPERAWESOMEWINGUY”] = {MODEL = “models/player/Group01/Male_04.mdl”, TIP = “HE WILL NEVER LOSE!”, WALK = 500, RUN = 700, HEALTH = 1337, COST = 1, PMODEL = “models/player/Group01/Male_04.mdl”, WEAPONS = {ONE = “weapon_deagle”, TWO = “weapon_357”, AMMO1 = “Pistol”, AMMO2 = “357”, AMMOUNT1 = 160, AMMOUNT2 = 150}}[/lua]

Basically MODEL is for the model that shows up in the menu, PMODEL is the players model, ONE is the first weapon a player will have, and TWO is the second weapon they will have. AMMO1 is the ammo required by the first weapon(ONE) and AMMO2 is the ammo required by the second weapon(TWO). AMMOUNT1 is the amount of ammo for the first weapon and AMMOUNT2 is the amount of ammo for the second weapon. WALK and RUN are the walk and run speeds for the player, defaults are 210 for walk and 310 for run. TIP is what will display when looking at the class info in the menu. And finally COST is the cost of the class.

So if you want to add a new class, just copy and paste one of the original classes and edit it to your liking. If there is an error in the gamemode or it does not run after adding it you messed something up, just try again. For a list of default weapons and ammo for each weapon look at the links below.


Ammo(scroll down to the list):

Also if you add a weapon that is not already used by another class you need to add the damage info as well. To do this just look at the weapons list under the classes in shared.lua and add yours.

Weapons[“Your weapons name goes here.”] = {DAMAGE = Amount of damage it does goes here.}


Looks great.

I fixed a few things, and added a change log to the thread for anyone who would like to see.

:lsd: Awesome.


how do you like it?

Lawl that’s nice buddy, the idea actually came from PeanutZero, and this gamemode was made 6-9 months ago. Where have I saw you before? Oh yea helping the gmod hotel gamemode, OMG U RIPPED THE IDEA FROM GMODTOWER…

Anyways I found a spectate bug I will fix sometime soon. It’s not that big of a deal really.

HUD looks a little ugly in places, but looks good gameplaywise.

Anyone want to join the server with me? :smiley:

I’m willing to set up my server with this and probably do some editing to make it more interesting. Maybe make some more maps too. Are any servers running this at the moment? I need to decide my server size

EDIT: I tried to get this running on my server, but it just ran the base gamemode and nothing worked. Any help?

heya i was wondering if i could try to edit this game mode for a capture the VIP for my server

What’s with all the new people joining and bumping? Seriously :fuckoff: