Captured US Navy Seals in a Lebanese terrorist camp

I know that terrorist’s on the left face expression looks weird, I just couldn’t get it to look right.

nailed the atmosphere though

Loving them models and the pose!

Not much interesting going on here really. The composition is cool, but the weird posing and lack of interesting lighting kind of leaves the image feeling grey and flat.

You were probably better off cropping the image more. The guy on the left didn’t need to be there and the low quality ground sticks out as well. The shadows on the right side of the shot are really cool. There should be more of that.

This is definitely some of your best stuff I’ve seen from you though. Just a little more push in style and it’ll be top notch.

Also, I think the expression on the SEAL holding his wounded arm…it looks off

To be honest, everyone’s expression looks off. I am not sure what to suggest about it.

I am very sorry.