Capturing mouse wheel events

How would i go about capturing mouse wheel events?

Using Input.IsMouseDown in conjunction with MOUSE_WHEEL_UP or MOUSE_WHEEL_DOWN does not work.
I tried creating a binary module to process the WM_MOUSEWHEEL windows message, but it didn’t work either (I am fail at c++).

What i basically want to be able to do is check if i am scrolling when the cursor is visible.

No one?

Sorry for the mindless bumping, but i really need this.

Dude, you posted this one day ago. You have to wait … if noone knows howto do it noone can answer …

But you could either ask the OP of this thread if he includes MOUSE_WHEEL_UP / DOWN to the gmcl_mouseclick module
eg: mouse.Click(MOUSE_WHEEL_UP) and mouse.Get(MOUSE_WHEEL_UP)
or report the bug at the new bugreport page.

I have been through the module source code and sadly it does not include MOUSE_WHEEL_UP/MOUSE_WHEEL_DOWN or anything to do with checking user input.

“Note: MOUSE_WHEEL_DOWN and MOUSE_WHEEL_UP are broken with input.IsMouseDown in the current Garry’s Mod version (#54).” (

Looks like you’re stuck. Sorry man.

I already knew they were broken, i read the wiki before posting here. Telling me that i am stuck isn’t really going to help me with the problem.

Well if you already knew they were broken then… they’re broken. Talk to garry, not to us.

I was asking if there was another way.