car accidents.

can someone help me with my script.
i want that when u hit something with a high speed that your car gets on fire and doesnt work then.
please help me.

Copying PERP will not help anything, I suggest that you stop there.

No competition also doesn’t lead to creativity.
My guess would be watch the health of the car and then disable it and create a fire effect once it’s at 0.
Not quite sure though.

There was a thread related to this before. It had the code needed that checked the velocity each interval, and then compared it to the current velocity after a certain amount of time has elapsed. The greater difference between the two variables, related to the acceleration of the entity. Using it, check the difference, then pick a respectable outcome. In a sudden, great change of speed, you can safely presume the entity took a hit/crashed.

That’s about as much help i’m going to give you. Though you can request some one to make you it instead, since it doesn’t look like you even tried to code it yourself before posting here.