car accidents.

can someone help me with my script.
i want that when u hit something with a high speed that your car gets on fire and doesnt work then.
please help me.

Havnt you already made a thread about this?..

yeah but wrong sub-forum.

but please can someone help me?

just download the “Explosive Entities” tool, and play around with that.

got it but its not exploding…?

change the health on it.

i putted on 1 but nothing…

alright, how are you using it? you choose the health, and shoot the car.

i am using the tool with a toolgun and shooting on it did like with 1k of m4 bullets and nothing happend.

Sorry, I hate grammatical errors :v:

Well, I would suggest reinstalling.

btw got question.
u good with scripting on cider?

You’re saying you want ignition on hit and the car is unable to function?

i just want to if u hit something with a car on high speed it must get ignited or whatever and u die. that would be cool but the tool what the other guy gaved me doesnt work.
u got a cleu?



I can hardly code at all, what do you need? (I may be able to do it.)

add me on steam : m4st3rb0yx

oke nvm i got explosive entity but how i fix that its automaticly on that vehicle?

In fact you can’t give lifepoint to cars it doesn’t work…but i could script this…