car bomb

i just got the aa3 models and they have like no bones lol but i foumd the horror mod blood sprites looked good on them but there mics are connectet to their mouths WTF?

Car bomb implies explosion for me, so I was bummed when there was none and it was just mediocrely posed guys with blood spammed all over them and terribly boring camera angles.

But then again, I didn’t expect much from a picture that didn’t even have capitalization in the title.

What he said.


Stop stalking me.


And they were so close to being rescued, too.


what about fire…and eXpLoIsIoNs!..sorry i just love that word:v:

Using High Res models doesn’t make your pictures good.
Just keep practicing the pose, all i see is multiple (all boring) angles of a scene full of random ragdolls dropped on the floor.

This is what a car bomb scene looks like:

It does not look like a broken down automobile with some scorch marks sprayed over it.

Damn! That’s some real shit.

so im just geussing that you cant get any1 to like ur picture unless you use photoshop am i right?

One word… or a name rather:


You couldn’t have added in-game fire atleast?