Car Building Advice - Steering

So I’m trying to build a more “advanced” car by following this guy’s tutorial :
In his tutorial, he attaches the hydraulics directly on the wheels, and uses the adv ball-socket tool with YZ lock to hold them in place while letting them rotate. I can’t achieve that because, to my knowledge, the changes made in gmod14 make it so that the hydraulic constraint welds the tire in place. How I decided to work around this issue was to create s-prop plates (bounded to the frame through adv ball-socket: XYZ lock) to hold the tires and have the hydraulics and ropes attached to the plates (as seen in the picture). Basically, I’m just looking for a clever way to get steering on this front end. If a better way exists that involves completely rearranging my set up I’m more than willing to try it out. Any advice is appreciated.

Uh first of all we are on gmod 13, not 14.

Second, you could do it the lazy way and just put invisible thrusters or you could hook up axles that rotate with the wheels atached.

Please excuse my stupidity. However, I’m trying to avoid the lazy way of doing it.

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