Car Building Help?

Im wondering if any expert builders around here could help me. The physics in Garrys mod tend to confuse me, there must be some sort of trick to building and such when welding and unfreezing props. Im also wondering if there’s a better way to weld things or if there’s some sort of tool out there that builders tend to use a lot for welding, as mine seem to bounce around a lot, and that’s primarily the problem.

I have a feeling this somewhat concerns weight, but im not really sure how to set everything up properly so it doesn’t weigh down on the tires so much without falling apart constantly.

First of all, try using the tool Precision Alignment.
There is a quick tutorial made by the maker, wenli.
Always freeze your props.
Use the parent tool.

Do not know what these things mean? Ask us at

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Also your car looks very good considering the fact it has been made with physgun.

I pretty much used the precision tool on the entire thing, just after unfreezing after a few tries and everything, the props I thought I had no-collided with each other weren’t collided and they just looked out of place. Also when angling the props with precision, it didn’t work out too nicely all the time, thus the angled props look somewhat out of place.

I will check out wenli anyways, thanks.

If you need any help ask on the contraption thread.
As of right now here are the things you need to fix with your car:

The body is not parented.
Wheels are on physical spindles (even though it is not a double wishbone)
Chassis seems to be made of 2 baseprops, rather than one.
Wheels are not axised using axis centre.

If you can fix those things, you have a noteworthy car!

Cool, but a few questions. Im quite new to the forums, so I don’t know much of these tools.
I’ve heard of parenting, and I have a multi-parent tool, but if I use it on the 2 baseprops, the thing just spazzes out like crazy, do I just have to take everything off the base props and re-weld it back on after multi-parenting.

I axis’d the wheels through the center of the wheels attached to a prop that’s attached to another prop for the capability of turning. What does axis centre do exactly.

Also, sorry for not posting in the contraptions thread, I was looking around for a thread like that, must’ve missed it :confused:

EDIT: I also looked at wenli, found the tools he had and tried to use them, but they kept creating script errors. Are they not updated or do I just probably have a conflicting addon (which for the life of me I couldn’t figure out one).
There a way to remove/move this thread to contraptions?

Go and post you car questions here: