Car Chase Aftermath

Me and my friend are very new to this please don’t be to harsh and give us some constructive criticism for our next wallpaper:)

When pasting a link in image tags, the majority of times it should be a link that ends in .jpg or whatever file extension it is that you’re using.

For example this is the working one for your image.

Ok, thank you for the tip!

Anyway, C&C, posing is stiff, watermark is always dumb, don’t do it, the lighting is quite boring aswell, use Super DoF next time, for this image the focus should be on the gun as it’s pretty much what the picture is suggesting we take more notice to, the guy crawling for the gun.

The posing itself isn’t too bad aside from being stiff, you do better than most newbies, keep at it and you’ll do well.

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Link it using [img][/i****mg] tags.

Thank you again, we will use all of this advice in the future.

Posing’s very stiff, but the angle and composition’s pretty good. Be sure to always fingerpose, as well. The default hands always stand out and look awful.

I think the posing looks stiff in part due to the face posing (or lack thereof). Also, in photos with textures getting really close to the camera, try to improve on the textures in photoshop, or have someone else do it for you.

I just recently did one for McTbone, and trust me, [it can make a world of a difference.]( Contests/ScreenshotEdits/War/Compare.gif)

I like the concept, and the first person view looks good. The people are pretty stiff and the scene is pretty baron. Overall, I like it. Keep working and I can’t wait to see what you guys can come up with later.

Hey guys I am the other person who works on these with him, thank you for the feedback and the constructive criticism! We are working on another one atm. So just keep us updated on how we can get better. Thanks!

I don’t understand, how do two people work on one pose? Do you take turns or something?

My guess is one works on one ragdoll, while the other works on another ragdoll or works on the background or something.

Well we sit in a skype call together and use our private server and once we have a general idea we work on different parts of the scene so it can get done faster.

Posing online? Yeesh, last I did that the ragdolls had delayed movement, in my own server aswell.

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This was like, 3 years ago though.

Oh well there is very little delay on ours. If you want me to explain more maybe we can show you by helping us and you can teach us better technique on posing ragdolls better?

Delayed posing means virtually nothing though. Me and weenurs used to group pose all the time and we made some damn nice poses

not gonna post them however because don’t want to steal the thread

as for you image, yeah - work on the posing a little and you’re on good ground

Smug bastard. :v:

how convenient that the hitman had a narcolepsy attack and fell asleep

Much potential I sense here…

I am surprised no one noticed G-Man up at the top of the window.

We all did. We’re just too lazy to post a comment stating that we saw him.