Car Chase Fortress


tell me what you think

I lol’d, nice job :slight_smile:

It was okay, but the shaky camera at the beginning was way too shaky and the whole video lacks some sounds like squeeking tires, engine and ambience.

All in all, pretty amusing.

I lol’d.
Also, I agree with DMGaina.

Quite hilarious, love the Driver theme music in the end. Nice finishing touch.

taanks’ guies.

DMGaina is picky as shit, but anyway, I enjoy the criticism.

I understand the criticism, but the whole engine sound would take away from the song as well as the voices and everything would be kind of jumbled.

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It The video was amazing but the sound editing wasnt too good.

I chuckled.

Whats the name of the song at the end?

it is the Theme from SHAFT by ISAAC HAYES