Car Crash At Downtown

THIS IS MY 2nd POSE I post. Please give constructive comments and please state the improvements i need Thx. IT would be kind if someone can edit it for me because i don’t know how to edit.

AA needs to be way up.

Doesnt look much of a car crash.

tyres are clipping through the fender.

Needs better graphics better faceposing and lil bit more effects.

Just up the AA, add more in the back, other wise I like the idea.

turn down yer bloom

Bad posing, too much bloom, doesn’t even look like an accident.

So there’s one car making out with the ass of the other?

Turn the graphics WAAAY up.

That woman is humping her child.
What the christ?

It was Eli’s fault, he is not authorized to drive with his fucked up leg.

I mean, try to hit the brake with that shit.

Heh I agree with post above ^ but what is with that o.O it looks like it just parked next to him and Eli’s like THAT CHILD IS MY GRANDCHILD

Also Tires in floor, Eli’s foot is in ground and why is he curving his pointer finger to other guys shoe?

Don’t use gm_bigcity if you’re trying to do a serious screenshot.

The map can be used for serious poses, just that you would have to put a lot into it so it does not look so bland.

Too Much** Bloom. **
Needs more** Destruction.**

I understand that, but most of the time I’ve seen the map its being used for troll poses or by newbies.

umm i just got Gmod for 5 days… How do i on AA?

It’s his second pose. Jesus calm down and stop being assholes to everyone who’s new.
It’s not that bad for your second pose. Work a little on it, get a good camera angle or fill up the empty space. Maybe some rubbles or get someone to edit smoke or something.
AA= Go to options, video(I think), then advanced, and there you should find “Antialiasing mode” and there you go.


There’s a difference between being an asshole and giving constructive criticism. Sure, it may be a little harsh, but life ain’t an ice cream parlor.