Car Dealer Error

I bought the 3D Car Dealer addon from RocketMania, and i can see and talk to the npc in game, but it doesn’t buy the car, and in the console, i get the error addons/3d_car_dealer/lua/autorun/3dcardealer/shopvgui.lua:227: attempt to call method ‘Notify’ (a nil value)

Any help?

Ask the developer

What game-mode are you using? He may assume DarkRP and didn’t ship it with a generic notify function. Contact the author.

I am using DarkRP, it was a DarkRP script, but i guess it doesn’t work.

RocketMania should be able to help you with issues with his script. Contact him.

It’s a privately sold script, we don’t necessarily have access to it and we didn’t write it so asking the guy who did is the best option.

And don’t contact him and say “It doesn’t work”, it’s one of the most frustrating things on the planet. Tell him in as much detail what is going wrong and exactly how to reproduce it.