Car Dealer? May I have another?

So I’m using NPC Car dealer 2.5.0 and I’ve been using it for a while, and when I screwed up the configs, I look for the addon, It was removed, Can I get a link or a download to it?

Ps: Your awesome.

He said he doesn’t want anyone to redistribute or repost it.

Mhmm ironicly theres another thread like this with a download link… So…

Read the actual thread and look at what he says.

No, No, No… I mean someone created a thread with the illegal download with it, I’m going to close this thread also, BTW if your a nolife extreme pro on gmod, Why don’t you have a server?

Uh, which car dealer are you referring to again? Also, just because I know about GMod doesn’t mean that I have to own a server; that requires time, effort/dedication, and money. That, and I haven’t played GMod in 4 months.

AHEM Mr 10k+ posts. And if you really wanted to I COULD give my my console and you could work on it.
But your probably going to deny.

I don’t understand what your asking, so I will ask again. What car dealer are you referring to?

  1. Do you want to OWN a server with me?
  2. I’m referring to:

That one, They removed the thread.

  1. No.
  2. Then stop asking for it if you know he doesn’t want it redistributed. It was broken anyway.

I don’t understand why you think I’d want to own a server with you if you’re just going to keep being acute.

Okay, Okay chill.
I’ll just close the thread.

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I just bought:
So this doesn’t matter.