Car Dealer NPC

Ive been looking for a NPC which you can buy cars from. When you buy a car, it should be saved to the server. When you rejoin the server at a later time you will be able to restore the car without spending additional money. The script im looking for is for DarkRP

I dont know if such a script already exists. I havent had any luck finding it.

Regards Audon

Bump. No one can make this/ already made this and can give me a link or something?

i need help with this aswell

your talking about something like from pulsar effect im guessing

What kind of reply is that lol? well thanks for the conclusion ddrx :S

Isn’t that like… built into darkrp?

If it was i wouldnt ask would i?

I’d also use this script if it was created.

seems like this script would be very popular if it was made :slight_smile:

I just broke it, i’m going to bed now I’ll fix it tonight

what did you just break?

The npc car dealer script

Are you making one or?

Yes ,im making one

you are a god :slight_smile:

No hes not, He still has a dogs arse as his avatar. I wouldnt call anyone a god with that avatar.

Sorry if I derailed.

Well he’s more of a god than you since he is actually making this script.


Ive made a script. Im sure many others have too. Just not public, Because then it stands the chance of being claimed as somebody elses.

People who do that are retarded. But still who cares if someone else takes credit. All on facepunch would know that its your script if you post it here. Im just really interested in a car dealer script. I would make it myself if i knew how to lua code :slight_smile:

And dont say something like “why dont you go learn to code then”… Im trying to learn it. But im having a hard time doing so. I have tried several times to make this script, but i have failed miserably each time :confused:

Jamie put it in the release section and add alot of credits, that way you can show people the thread and say its yours

Also, idont see any dogs ass in my avatar