Car Dealer NPC

Hello i just started an RP server and i need a Car Dealer NPC. You can send me a link or maybe you are a scripter, and if you help me get a Car Dealer NPC i’ll reward you with super admin on my server.

Server IP:

Why don’t you just use a menu instead of an NPC?

Because with an NPC you would have to go to a certain place to but the car…but I get what you mean Jova, personally I’d actually use a machine of sorts for a car dealer.

Or you can limit it to certain ranks. Or if there’s some kind of license thing in Cider, it can be made so only people with licenses can open the menu.

No one will code for you for admin.

Some nub scripters would do that.

How do i make so the cars is in a menu then? i’ve got darkRP mod on my server

You could make textured buttons spawn entities on an area of the map. Unfortunately I don’t know how to do that. Try using


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dont forget this one:

Yea well, 4 of them then.


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