Car dealer/pc DarkRP

Hello guys after some confusion about where to post i decided to post it here (correct me if i am wrong)

So yea i have been trying to make either a car dealer job or a NPC where you can buy cars, but I just cant it to work. My server i hosted at Nitrous-network - therefore it is not one i host myself. Anyhow i got the cars on the server and I can spawn them. I have created a job called Car dealer with the team name “TEAM_CAR”. i have looked everywhere! i have found two videos but i cant relate to them since some of the folders look different from mine, and I am wondering because a recent update there is no car dealer npc/job atm…

If someone could link to a tutorial or a website that would be any help. please I am begging lol! :smiley:

kind regards- Markus Runge :slight_smile:

All help is appreciated :slight_smile: