Car Dealler for Helix

Hello! I have a problem that I could not find the seller of Helix cars.
I use machines of the simphys base and for them I have not found a seller of machines for Helix. Please help me find a seller of helix machines. Also, if you are a coder, I can purchase your services to rewrite and write a car dealer.

Firstly, make sure the “vendor” plugin is enabled and normally you should find it in the entities in the spawn menu, category “Helix”. If the plugin is enabled and the entity is missing, you should probably reinstall the Helix gamemode and check if your schema doesn’t have a similar entity which can rewrite over it. I’m not very familiar with the gamemode yet but if you need more help, you can join the official Helix Discord to talk with possibly more experienced people.

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Thank you.