Car Help


I have a good knowledge of Garry’s mod but I would like some help.
I would like to make an Aston Martin DB5 for Gmod but I don’t know how the creators of SCars and TDMCars create their models and the software they use.
Please help.

I definitely know that TheDanishMaster (creator of TDMCars) make his models for his cars in 3DS Max, I’m unsure on what the SCars creators use however. You’ll probably find Blender, Maya or 3DS Max most comfortable for making source models, I strongly recommend Blender if you’re broke or can’t be bothered to buy stuff online.

Hope that helps you :smile:

just so you know he doesnt make the models he ports them from forza

Yeah, I knew that before, I just forgot to mention that XD


How does he do that?