Car mod for server

hey i have made a car mod for my server but the client has to have the actual addon even tho they download the modles and stuff to be able to spawn a car, they can see the cars and drive them tho is there a way to let them spawn the car?

If I understand right: PPl can see, use but NOT spawn them? Any errors?

no errors but what i am saying is how do i script it so people dont need to download th carpack off my website to use it.

resource.AddFile is your friend.

i used that for everything in the folder and it downloads to client but the clients still cant spawn cara with out the car addon
vent mab can do it i dont se why i cant!!! starting to piss me off!

the resource.lua goes to Lua>Autorun>Server in your servers FTP.

Make it “sbox_maxvehicles 1” or something.

I have and u can spawn cars if u have the pack read befor posting!

You need to “add” the cars clientside too. There is a lua script which defines which cars to add. Make the clients execute it with AddCSLuaFile and be happy.
For example

local Category = "blablabal vehicles"

local V = { 	
	-- snip crap

list.Set( "Vehicles", "HelloVehicle", V )

if SERVER then AddCSLuaFile("autorun/vehicles.lua") end -- basically just add this with correct lua and dance.

ok thanks but were do i put this autorun/client or autorun

 local Category = "enzos cars"

local V = { 	
	-- snip crap

list.Set( "Vehicles", "enzos cars", V )

if SERVER then AddCSLuaFile("autorun/shitscript.lua") end 

would this be correct?

You put it in autorun not client or server. But in your case you shouldn’t need to put anything anywhere.
And actually, I meant you need to find a file there where reads something like
list.Set( “Vehicles”, “enzos cars”, V )
And if that file is in autorun/client or autorun/server move it to autorun.

And to that file, add
if SERVER then AddCSLuaFile(“autorun/whateverthenameis.lua”) end
to the beginning or end or somewhere between in the file. You need to naturally change the file name in AddCSLuaFile.

thanks but this did not work the client still dont se the car spawn icon