Car models and textures, need a bit of work.

Have some car models ripped, and the textures, but i cannot for the life of me get texturing down. And if i did, id screw up gettin it in game.


Ill pass the models and textures to anyone up for putting them in game. They have a few errors, like parts are missing (most noticeable on the HSV), but otherwise they are good quality.

Porsche 911:


Crown Victoria:



Ford Falcon:

And i know some people wanted a Limo for posing and stuff, so i got the best one i could find:


New car added! Yay!


Grr i hate hsv, but loving these models, Where are you converting them from? I’m not the best at texturing but might give it a shot, or at least getting them ingame.

wait wait wait u got no volvo model come on you gotta have a volvo model

They are from NFS Hot Pursuit 2. And i cant find any Volvo models for NFS Hp2.

I had a feeling they were from hot pursuit 2. Only a few minutes ago i was playing it on my PS2. But maybe i can take a look at them and see what i can do. I just begun to screw about with modeling today.

Ok, im just trying to get the Zip to upload. Having trouble with it on all the sites for some reason.


Also, feel free to request cars from here:

Ill keep ripping until my trial runs out. Which means i can only rip 10 more cars.


New car!

in the first forza there is an volvo car :smiley:

Nice Bentley. Is it a turbo RT? I dont remember that from hot prusuit 2, maybe another game. Also, is there any textures to include with it?

There are indeed textures, but i cant get them on in Milkshape. Thats the point of this thread, for someone to do them :slight_smile:

If i can upload them anywhere. I just get a message saying i have timed out.


And about the Volvo, i can see if i can rip from an earlier game, meaning it will be lower quality.


The world has opened up! I can now rip from High Stakes aswell. Which means Mclarens! and other things noone cares about!

if you can give me a link with a saved .smd or .obj I can check on them and maybe get them in garrysmod.
Also a folder with the textures to each car.

Ok, got them all as .obj but the textures for a few, like the Bentley and Zonda, are a bit weird. And i cannot get them to upload. It says i timed out?