Car Parking Area?

I made it so a player can spawn an SCar like so:

if (player:GetCount(“vehicles”) > 0) then
evorp.player.notify(player, “You already have a vehicle out, part it first, and then try again.”, 1);
if (player:Team() == TEAM_HOSS or player:Team() == TEAM_SS or player:Team() == TEAM_OFFICER or player:Team() == TEAM_COMMANDER) then
local car = ents.Create(“sent_sakarias_car_porsche911cop”)
car:SetPos(player:GetEyeTrace().HitPos+Vector(0, 0, 64))
car.SpawnedBy = player
player:AddCount(“vehicles”, car)
car:SetNetworkedString(“evorp_Name”, player:GetName()…"'s")
evorp.player.notify(player, “You cannot spawn this car!”, 1);

How do I make it so that when the car is at a specific location of the map, it automatically gets removed?
Like, I want to make it so that when the car stops at the petrol bunk of v33x, it gets removed.

Also, how do I make it so that this is called when the player left clicks while inside the car:

You can use ents.FindInSphere(Vector(), Radius) near the place you want it removed. Be sure to check if the car is valid, and the car is a vehicle.

Make a SWEP and Set that under Primary Fire if its a Vehicle then execute the function.

Lepaderp, SCar Keys already do that…but I want to make it so that it works while the player is inside the car.

BumPO! Still need help!
How do I find the vector position of the player in game?

entity:GetPos() where entity is your player’s object. For your in-vehicle lock/unlock, do something like this:

[lua]hook.Add(“KeyPress”, “InVehicleLock”, function(ply, key)
if !ply:InVehicle() || key != 1 then return end – 1 is IN_ATTACK

--Lock/Unlock code


Thanks alot! I’ve decided that every five seconds…I’ll run FindInSphere and if there is a vehicle, I’ll remove it…but how do I do that?

NVM! I got it! Thanks alot to everyone!