"Car Ram" - White Abandoning a Crashing Car

Something real quick I pulled up with ma’ spare sick time.


The Soldier is all like : ‘‘WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!’’

kinda…like it?

Even though I hate the aliasing I kind of like the editing.

The driver’s not even… driving…

He’s bailing out.

I like how you do smoke.

Awesome job.

Looking good.

Diggin the crashing gunship a lot.


I have to admit, this is my first time gaining the oppurtunity to /thank/ you for your editing tutorial! I couldn’t have done this edit without your help!

The technique is genious, and once you get the hang of it, options are limitless!

Lol, you had to check me out attempting to create a smoke trail from that gunship with the brush tool alone on PS. xD

Thanks a bunch mong

You sir have restored my faith in the screenshots section.

I smell a new VMan in the works.

:3: Glad that you found the tutorial useful. Even more glad that you apear to be figuring out a *lot *of stuff on your own. I can’t stand the people who just take the things in a tutorial verbatim and never try to experiment on their own. Can’t wait to see what other stuff you come up with!

not bad, except for being aliased to hell and brown (sigh).

It is good, but what bugs me the most is the pixelated motion blur in the turret.