Car seller job DarkRP

Now I know that this has been asked before, as I searched before posting. However I just can’t get the car seller to be able to buy cars. I have made the job, which works fine however if I try to add vehicles to teh shipment list it stops DarkRP working and no one can change job. I then added the following code to the showteamstab.lua that I found in another thread:

  1. if LocalPlayer():Team() == TEAM_CAR then
    2. AddEntIcon(“models/buggy.mdl”, "Buy a Jeep " … CUR … tostring(230), “/BuyJeep”)
    3. AddEntIcon(“models/vehicle.mdl”, "Buy a Jalopy " … CUR … tostring(300), “/BuyCar”)
    4. end

However this just puts the icons into the entity list for car dealers and doesn’t allow people to buy cars. Can anyone help ? Thanks