Car Simulator

Front seat which I mainly focused on.

Controlled Car that takes zero effort.

It uses an RT screen to project a picture of the control vehicle and advanced pod controller to press buttons. The gear shifter has working park, reverse, and drive. The green and red button next to the steering wheel turn on the RT screen and light. The three buttons above the wheel and one on the radio changes view. The button between the radio stack and the wheel is the ignition. When the ignition isn’t turned on it automatically breaks.

I might release a dupe later.

Nice, thats a great idea. I like to see new stuff, not the same things all the time.

This isn’t very good.

It’s not good looking OR advanced.

I might try it with a plane.

That would be alot cooler.

Try making some of the wire stuff invisible too. It looks sort of shitty with stuff comming out from everywhere.

You mean the buttons?

Can you use those buttons while sitting in a pod?

Because if the answer is yes, tell me how.

The pod controller should have an input “Allow Buttons”.

I could never get that to work properly.

what does it do exactly?

if that ‘can use buttons’ or what ever has an input of one, you can look at buttons and press mouse1 2 use them

Oh and shadow, I quite like this as a little thing, I remember quite some time ago where some guy made something similar but the simulator also matched the angles of the slave car, you could try doing that.

Oh dear i hope you know what all the buttons do =)
Anyway it looks pretty good.

I like it, it would be fun to have races with or

I love this idea!
And does anyone know of a way to light things up underwater for like a submarine to even see? I’m tired of using a little camera droid thingee roped to my subs >.>


uh… lights light up the walls, but you still cannot see them unless you are close for some reason. Some water lets you see everywhere but most has a determined field of view…
Don’t you think I would have tried lights??

I won’t steal this thread’s thunder but I have done this. This and more. I have even made a full motion sim using a built XYZ accelerometer that I may try to put a patent pend on the design out here, in real life.

Then I built a very simple stationary one just to show someone on how I would setup a sim cockpit for 4-5 grand with screen and speaker positions and such.

So I DO like the ideas of sim cockpits / desk layouts in a game as a visual aid. The “Car” could be a little better for yours and why the hell is half your windsheild black?

I guess I really didn’t much effort in it and probably lazied out. I wasn’t sure how to show multiple views on different RT screens so I left the rest blank. I’m going to drop this one and build another one later.

Thanks for your comment.