Car system

Is anyone selling a car buy/reclaim system with an NPC for DarkRP? If so, I would like it for free, but I will pay for it if needed. Keep in mind I am only 14 and don’t have that much money.

Ps. Dont say Darkrp is a badly coded game, No asshole in this thread, Helpers are Greatful


You need to use either glon or an SQL Database, you can find an SQL tutorial made by quincy19, if you google: “Facepunch sql tutorial”.

This should be in the request section, by the way.

Uhm what does that mean?


Use either Glon or SQL

you can find a NPC tutorial and a SQL tutorial from

Using these together you can make ur script

Make a sql database with fields for steamID and all the cars

When a person buys a car have the value for the cars become true

When ingame, to retrieve car you have the npc look threw the sql database for all the cars with the value true and bring them up in a list to spawn.