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We all know that an actual working car will be added sometime in the future to Rust, how about a rundown open back pick up truck concept. You would be able to store items in the back bed of the truck, once items have been placed in the truck’s inventory in-game the truck’s bed would appear full (items crates, etc). Thus when a truck passes by people (or Bandits most likely) would be able to tell if the truck is actually worth stopping and raiding. Also this concept could allow your mates to hop in the bed of the truck and shoot or just ride along.

Note my pro photoshop skills ;D

No, we do not need cars, but for some reason that illustration brought me to tears irl from laughing so hard, well done.

They already have a car in-game, just non functional and it doesn’t spawn. I’m sure they’re going to add it in at some point along with the new map. I think this concept would aid the game if cars were to be fully implemented into rust gameplay.

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Thank you, that photo took many ages!

I think a car is going to almost be a necessity once the map is fully released. People need to go from one side of the map to another to raid a certain group and walking would to for ever a car would definitely help in cases like this. This also could in turn bring in the element of bandit car cashes or ambushes like stated. there would be down sides to a car its loud its hard to drive at night with out be spotted. so i think it could be very useful but also could get some people into a bit of trouble if they don’t use it right

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patrol helicopter in rust(done)

you should look at this also plans https://trello.com/c/dLsvdp2M/131-patrol-helicopter

Vehicles are stupid and they’d break this entire game. If this game gets direct player-controlled vehicles, I’ll uninstall and forget this game exists.

then prepare to uninstall the game

Once the whole map is possible to survive in, and players have expanded. I think they should add a makeshift vehicle like a motorbike or those desert buggy concepts, that are difficult to build, when it requires the first frame to be placed and then the required parts. So you would need a garage or some sort to build this thing, as well as seeing the progress of the vehicle.

Cars are NOT for Rust. This would promote wars for vehicles which would be pretty stupid. People would start camping vehicle spawns or using vehicles to go on roadkill adventures. Think of all the dead cavemen.

As for the crafting of vehicles I also protest. Vehicles would not fit in Rust as it currently is, it IS Alpha and everything is up for change, so much is true, but cars just wouldn’t fit in Rust in my opinion. You will never have to travel across the whole map unless you get lost or are just wandering. That’s how I see it at least.

another thing i thought of if they do implement this, you would need to carry some sort of fuel on you. so you couldn’t just drive for days and days you would have a fuel gauge and you could only go as far as the fuel would let you before you need to fill it up again. maybe make high grade fuel really hard to get so in turn people wont abuse there car and use it only when they absolutely have to.

To those that think vehicles won’t be added in then your stupidly wrong, there’s a lot more terrain than what everyone is in, they have intentions of POPULATING all of it, do you really want to walk from 1 end to the other on foot just to go kill people out that way? Whether or like it you will need a vehicle to go from 1 end to the other from WEST to EAST

I really like this concept, so do I for the helicopter, REALLY good! I think it should take like 10 low grade fuel to make 1 high grade fuel and to drive for a miniute you need 1 high grade fuel. But helicopters would use like 2 or 2.5 and like smart cars would use 1 for 3 mins. trade offs and each vehicle is faster/ more storage. REALLY LOVE YOUR CAR IDEA AND HELI DOE <3

I’m all for some feelin mad max, this game seems uniquely qualified for it with the huge map which is like 80% wasteland.

If there are cars it should be more like dayz cars.

I don’t think helicopters are for this game, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, would be cool, but not helicopters.

Add a school bus. Then you can have a mobile base of operations. :dance:

The Car is in the game… I’ve spawned it several times!! It’s bugged tho … u can get it, but in 80% of the times, it will insta fall through the world and kill you. And your lootbag will also go away!
I heard rumors that the car will be added officially at a later time, as of now it was supposed to be taken out, but never did.
IF you see a car running … do not enter it… :smiley:

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