Car view

my vercle view is kinda wird when i press control i just cant get out this view can somone tell me how to add pictures im not quite sure thank you

nivada 9800 GT graphic card

3 gb ram


When you press control, it should swap between a 3rd person view and a 1st person view, what problem are you having exactly?

yes when its in 3rd person i press control nothing hapens just stays in 3rd person

Have you changed your Crouch key to something else? Try pushing that.

nop its ctrl to crouchi have even tryd pressing alllll my keys nothing

You’re on sandbox?

dark rp


ow and its not just cars its seats as well eny thing to do with vercles has same effect

does eny one know how to fix this

Try +duck in console

tryd that one


i need a solusion

as of right now, i have exactly the same problem. Once i enter the third person view i can’t change back. It sucks to put a camera on just about everything with a seat just to see normal again… well it sucked because i can’t even use the camera tool anymore, or rather it doesn’t work anymore. the view doesn’t change anymore. I already tried using other buttons but nothing changes.

@TJ3003: Have you downloaded an 3rd person addon?