Car weld?

yall know how ta make a custom car right? ya youse da weld tool. but fer some reason whenever i try ta weld anything to a car it just falls down an doesnt stick at all. are yall havin the same troubles or did something happen to mine only?

Say “yall” again, and I will be forced to kill you.

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im srry thats just tha way ay speak

No you use proper grammar and spelling. This is the internet not the god damn whore house in Kentucky.

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I indeed, from now on will use proper “Queen Speak”.

Now could somebody not make fun of how i talk and actually answer a simple question? do you have this problem or not because it’s driving me bonkers.

Well your talking like a troll and custom cars use lua not welds.
But, to fix your problem make shure the force limit is 0 click the car then the waht ever you want to weld

Click the part of the car you want welded to it then click the car remember that

when people try to type out an accent you know their lieing… Anywho, are you trying to attach stuff to a jeep or something, or a prop-made car?