First car in many months and this is how it looks like:


I play gmod with eyefinity now on 3 widescreens at 5760 x 1080 resolution and if I turn on AA at all everything lags as fuck :v: as imgur auto resized many pictures, the pics from the interior is the actual resolution and the image quality got raped badly…
Gmod supports eyefinity badly so the edges are reeeeally stretched

but yeah my first actually finished car that doesn’t kill itself in dupe in many months

yes I know it’s a bit huge but I haven’t done this in quite a while now

that is not an undescriptive thread title, it’s a car

Nice and curvy :buddy: I like the shape of it, but the roof looks a little too edgy compared to the rest of the car. Good to see you build something :stuck_out_tongue:


the chassis is actually old… it’s the one I drove around alot but never built a body for and now I have finally gotten my finger out of my ass and actually built the body :v:


That’s a car.


over 200

dunno exactly how many

buuut when I had it on gluttony yesterday it didn’t even raise the pings at all

what props do you use for the body the small orange phx plates ?

mostly normal thin phx plates and a few super thin ones

ah Garry should have included them when he stocked phx 3 with gmod -_-

or simply included the whole PHX3 pack, not just part of it…

I don’t think he was allowed to. It was just 1/4 life who took the bait.

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also nice car bro.

ah, PhoeniX-Storms hasn’t been online for many days so I haven’t gotten the opportunity to ask him

Also this is most likely my last post of 2010, I gotta go now :v:

cya next year