Carbine rifle

Was wondering if a pistol carbine rifle could be added. A semi auto rifle that takes pistol rounds. Something fairly accurate but since it uses pistol rounds it would have low recoil. It would do more damage than a normal pistol round since its a rifle. But less damage than normal rifle rounds as it uses pistol rounds. Something along the lines of the m1 carbine the US used in ww2

Could happen. :V

No one else wants a carbine?

The Dev team doesn’t do a great job of guns anyway, the AK should not be in 556 it should be a 7.62. I wouldn’t mind if there was a mini 14!kicking around. Accurate and semi auto also very customizable

Read the dev blog, they already have a skinned carbine. Take a look!

Here you go.

Looking forward to this one. Always get on best with semi-auto/battle rifle/dmr type weapons in shooters, but mainly this one actually looks like it belongs in Rust.

I would love the carbine! Its design looks badass and I hope they add it.

A pcc is not a dmr.

A pcc could/would be really cool.
Ammo compatibility between rifle and pistol saves inventory space and weight for when those become issues.


What Superior said.

I thought the new semi auto rifle was supposed to be rifle caliber rounds not pistol. I could be wrong. But I read nothing in the dev blog saying what it was going to use. I remember them saying it was going to be along the line of an m1 garand/m14 which are battle rifles.

Imagine taking the p250 (semi auto pistol). Giving it a 16 inch barrels as opposed to a 3 inch barrel. A rifle stock. And an extended magazine giving it a capacity 12 to 16 rounds, and BAM you have a carbine. It will be more powerful than a pistol but not as powerful as a rifle. Would bee able to shoot up to similar ranges as an ak with likewise accuracy if not more accurate, and would be easier to handle with follow up shots due to lower recoil.

This carbine would fill the gap between smg’s (like the custom and tommy) and rifles(like the ak and bolt).

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It doesn’t really feel like we need more guns in this game. Not that adding more would hurt anything either, but it just seems wholly unnecessary at this point when there’s so much more that needs to be added.

You know, like anything at all to do other than raiding.