Carbine's Gamemode Mix | Wire & PHX SVN


About the server

The server has PHX SVN, WireMod SVN, and GCombat installed. Our server has a nice group of admins that will give you weapons and what-not if you ask nicely. We don’t take kindly to minging or grieving you will only be warned once to stop. The server uses evolve as an admin mod and we have some of my own custom gamemodes such as All Ghillied Up. If you want to play a different gamemode, please tell an admin. So join us, our server is your server.[/release]


All Ghillied Up

All Ghillied Up or simply, AGU, is a gamemode Slayer20 thought up. I have taken it up and I am almost done with it and I plan to release it when I am finished. It is sniper V.S. soldier combat, snipers get camouflage, a sniper rifle, a radar (still needs to be added), and mines (needs to be added). Soldiers on the other hand get automatic rifles, grenades, and a slightly faster running speed. I sometimes test it on my server and if you would like to know a little more about it then check out the thread[/release]





please support us by signing up[/release]

Cool. Will check this out


Can you tell me more about the All Ghillied Up mode?

Slayer20 gave me the idea, here’s the thread so you can find a little more about it:

I recomend putting info on it in the OP

ok, will update op in a few mins then.


ok, all done.

Nice, I’ll check it out when Steam servers arent busy :U