[CarbonicServers.com] DarkRP #3

[CarbonicServers.com] DarkRP #3
Server name:[CarbonicServers.com] DarkRP #3.
Server status:


--------------------------------------Server rules--------------------------------------------------

  • Don’t DM;
  • Don’t Spam;
  • Don’t prop block (really, dont try to block the spawn point…);
  • Respect NLR;
    -NLR = New life rules, that means that if you get killed, you dont know anything about your killer etc…
    You may not use more than one keypad for one door to distract theives or others trying to break in
    Do not prop spam, prop push, prop climb, or prop surf You will be banned without warning for either.
    No large prop spawning
    Fading doors last at least 8 seconds, and have a keypad for the door which easily accessible (not obscured in anyway, or made to make only crack-able from one angle.
    Fading doors cannot be against locked door, making it impossible to crack the fading door then lock pick in
    You may have one fading door per entrance to a base. For example, you can have a front and back fading door, but you cannot put two in a row to make it take longer for thieves to crack their way in. Fading doors must be linked to an in game keypad and not to be operated by your keyboard
    No hiding or making keypads invisible
    This is not a build server, bases must be reasonable. Large bases that lag the server will be removed. You must RP, not build random contraptions.
    Follow NLR. If raided and killed you must not return to your base for 3 minutes, and cannot kill the raider later.
    During Police Station raids, NLR is only 2 minutes for police officers.
    Do not RDM (random death match), mass spawn RDM will result in instant permanent ban without warning.
    No PG-13+ sprays.
    No cursing other players out for RPing.
    No OOCing for RP purposes.
    No abusing job to gain favor with other players.
    No ganging up on players because you dislike them.
    No mic spam, OOC spam, avert spam, or any other type of chat spam.
    Do not intentionally try to annoy players or admins.
    No welding prop doors, (it screws up the battering).
    Report any issues to an admin online, or at www.carbonicservers.com
    After a cleanup, do not raid for at least three minutes.
    Don’t metagame/powergame. If you are kidnapped by a player, do not use suicide or rejoin the server to escape.
    If someone puts a gun to your head, you must go along with his or her demands (assuming they’re reasonable). If you have a weapon out at the time you can shoot back, but otherwise you can’t shoot back unless they stop aiming the gun at you. Players can’t ask for more than 300 dollars from anyone at gunpoint.
    You CANNOT build during a raid.
    Some rules are not explicitly stated, but are implied, or have been implemented but have not yet been added to our rules section. If an admin (see ranks to find which players are in fact admins, and not moderators or basic admins) tells you something is against the rules, listen to them. If you think they’re making up unfair rules on the spot, record a demo and submit it as admin abuse on the forum, but you must still follow the rule until the dispute is settled.
    No spamming cameras or placing them in other people’s bases without the owner’s permission.
    When basing, no using props which allow the player to be shot at from inside the base, while making it impossible for him to shoot back.
    Toll booths are NOT allowed. Checkpoints can be created, but they must not prevent players from easily crossing through them (assuming there is no lockdown)
    No building giant eyesores in the middle of public areas. Extensions to bases are allowed if reasonable in size. Generally, players should use standard buildings.
    Switching to a class to take its spawn weapons for use in another class is not allowed.
    No printer bombing (setting a printer on fire and using it as a weapon).

-------------------------Server info-----------------------------------------------------------------
The servers gamemode is DarkRP;
If you see any glitches report to Desmaize;
To get admin, post a application on forums.
If you need more information contact me on steam.
-------------------------List of mods on server:-----------------------------------------------
Wiremod (with some extras);
Custom jobs(if that even counts as a mod);
Fading door tool;
Better hud for DarkRP.
More and more…

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