CarbonRP Hiring Looking for Mods/Admins

We are starting a DarkRP server called CarbonRP. We need mods and admins before we can start up. If you are interested in applying you have to sign up to our forum and make an application there. The requirements are on this page.

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Poorly bulit site. Useless OP. And why hire random strangers rather than people from your own playerbase? Also:
The requested topic does not exist.

Most of the people on the site will tell you that you should look to hire administrators and moderators from your own list of friends, not random users on facepunch.

Also, unless the only staff on that site is you (which it definitely looks like), you should just start up and get a somewhat dedicated playerbase. Once you have something along the lines of a playerbase, look into hiring from said playerbase.

Hmm, a new community? What’s the server IP, I wouldn’t mind joining a new community and help move it towards being a good DarkRP server.

When a 12 year old starts a Server.

  • Get lots of coderhire addons so that the download is stupidly long
  • Make non-trustworthy friends admins
  • Run server like it’s a dictatorship and your Hitler
  • Not learn how to code
  • ask for admins on facepunch and not your playerbase
  • (i nearly forgot) Have paid mod/admin

Do you have TeamSpeak/Mumble (required for interview):

For those that don’t know what they mean by interview, they mean this:
*- You 'wanna be an admin?

  • Well … Yeh.
  • Well done you made the grade!

What Willox does with his spare time :v:

  1. Question!

Do you get paid?:v:

Lol, 12 yearolds don’t have that kind of money to spend of admins, they need it all for coderhire stuff!

"We are starting a DarkRP server called CarbonRP. "

It really won’t take more than 2-3 people to mange the server whilst you find trust-able players.

Don’t ask for people to become admins that you don’t even know as it will either end up with you getting 12 year old power hungry admins flinging people across the map with their physgun.

Good luck!