Carb's Vanilla Rust

Just opened a new server about an hour ago. Figured I had a ton of time to spare so may as well put it to use!

Name: Carb’s Rust [US East]NEW
Slots: 50
PVP: Yes
Sleepers: No
TeamSpeak info
Slots: 10


  1. No Spamming

  2. No Advertising

  3. No Racist or Sexist Remarks

  4. No Mods/Hacks

  5. No Full Caps Messages

Noob friendly server. Willing to help you learn if you have absolutely no idea what you are doing.

I am on the lookout for admins! Do not ask for it. If I feel you can handle the responsibility then I will come to you and ask if you wish to be an admin.

Want to stay up to date on the latest news regarding the server? Have a suggestion? Follow the official twitter here and stay up to date/leave a suggestion.
Have proof of hackers on the server? Send it to [EMAIL=“”]my email

Also, feel free the leave any suggestions/questions here as well. I will check this thread daily.

Went ahead and took off sleepers. Decided it would not be the best thing to leave on.

Added a mumble server to be used for the Rust server.

Gonna talk to my brother and see if I can convince him to come to your server as well - we were playing on one, but they continually reset everything (like every single day) and that is SUPER annoying. Look forward to seeing you around!

I see. Only time I will wipe is if an update forces me to, or if the server gets really clustered with homes. Right now it is a low pop server so I doubt I will wipe anytime soon unless an update forces me to. Hope to see you in the server!

[editline]15th December 2013[/editline]

Changed the voice server to teamspeak due to audio quality issues with mumble

[editline]15th December 2013[/editline]

Renamed server to “Carb’s Rust [US East]NEW”

Wiped the server for the update. Feel free to drop by while it is still new!