Carcon Du Karte V1[/T]

Carcon Du Karte, kart build contest & race event!
Whyteboxer, Rocket Bunny, Jan, and CM Punk present to you, Carcon Du Karte. On the weekend of april 30 we will be having a Kart event.
This event will be EU and US player friendly. This means we will have multiple opportunities for both EU and US players to join
the kart race on different servers that are both located in the US and EU. Besides racing, we will also pick the best looking kart.
The 4 of us will rate your kart one with the best looking kart will win the build contest.

With this event we will not only try to get the communty closer together but also test your build skills with a few rules that limit
you and require you to adapt your methods to micromanage resources and gain a competitive edge.

The following rules will be enforced:

- You may only use ACF engines as propulsion. This is to keep the speed and handling differences as little as possible so everyone has a chance 
to win

- You may only use one 1 cylinder 250/500cc or the V-twins 600cc engine

- Your engine must be placed behind the centre of mass in the back of the kart. 

- Maximum size of your kart is 48x72 as shown in the picture below. You may make it smaller. Not bigger. Your wheels can’t 
exceed that size, your props can. 

- Maximum wheelsize is 15

- You must use a small CVT or small 4 speed as gearbox and must be rear wheel driven. (This might or might not change in the future)

- Using fin is not allowed

- Your kart may not exceed 80 props & 25 holograms.

- Your Kart must look like a Go Kart. Don't make increddible tiny cars/trucks.

- Your kart may not exceed 30 constraints

- There is no Cpu ins limit but if we decide your kart uses too much then you have to try to get it lower. (Contact Rocket Bunny
if you are not sure if yours uses too much)

- Using propInertia is allowed but only on the wheels.



The event:

Everyone drives individually in the race. You will drive 10 laps and the one with the fastest lap will win this race event. Next to the individual race we
will also have a team ranking. The team with the fastest laps will win. So that brings us 3 leader boards. Fastest player, Fastest team and the nicest
Go kart. 4 to 6 people will race at a time.

TL;DR: 6 people race 10 laps then 6 more race 10 laps then again and again until everyone went and the fastest player wins the event.

If you want to enter the build contest then post the following:

“steam name of the user who build the kart”
“picture of the kart”

The maximum amount of players per team is 3. You will race versus every other team and the team to get most points wins. The way you obtain these points is by becoming as close to the 1st position as possible. If a player enters first they will gain 10 points. the 2nd will gain 8, then 6, 4, 2, 0. Every team member needs to drive the same kart. Its a team race so make a kart together! (If you want to enter the individual race then you need your own kart!!)
If you want to enter with a team then you need to fill in and post this little form:
Team: (name)
Team member (name)
Team member (name)
Team member (name)
(Team Go Kart picture)
All the results will be shown in a google docs spread sheed which we will update live. When the event ended we will rate your karts and pick a winner.

Additional information:
EU: Vehicle Heaven:
US: Sky’s Build server:
Map: - gm_Park_City_Circuit - Make sure you have CSGO & HL2 Ep2 textures and models!
Date: 30 april & 1 may
Time: To be confirmed


Q: Are 4 wheels required?
A: No 4 wheels are not required. There exist GoKarts with 3 wheels. So you can use 3 wheels too if you so desire. I do however not want to see more than 4 wheeled Go Karts.

Q: Can the engine be transparent
A: The engine can be transparent. This does not mean you can put it somewhere else than stated in rule 3. However, we do like to see the engines itself. But thats up to you.

Q: Can we have a 6 gear and not use the 6th and use the 5th for reverse?
A: We believe that a 6 speed is a bit excessive. You can use the 4th gear of the 4 speed for forward speed becuase Go Karts don’t have a reverse.
Q: Can we use fuel?**
A: Yes you can!

Q: Will the races be non-contact or do we have to make the karts colliding?
A: Yes. The race will not have karts collide with others.

Q: My only questions are if we’re allowed to make golf-carts and if we’re allowed to have rollbars on our carts
A: I Classify that as a Go Kart. So the answer to your question is Yes. However, the same rules apply.

Q: Is the server going to have the race seat addon?
A: Yes sir yes.




If you have any questions or suggestions? Don’t be afraid to let us know!

If I rated your comment Informative then I have answered your question.

Rule changes since post:
april 3 - 500cc engine added
april 4 - Team race concept changed

Tip: if your kart does this, you are doing it wrong.

Are 4 wheels required?
Can the engine be transparent?

Can we have a 6 gear and not use the 6th and use the 5th for reverse?

Name: Go Kart Racer No. 45

Creator: [MG] Archie


can i use a bathtub
its technically a go kart

hey fuck off i was gonna do that

Gotta do it before you do, I guess.

i made one months ago lol

“Purple Kart 24”

“[MG] Kraken”

1990s Race Kart
Bob [HD][/t]


Will the races be non-contact or do we have to make the karts colliding?


Jebedia’s discount Karts - Model 6B

“Model K #19
“[:open_umbrella:Δ VRD] JoJ-osh (music)”

Is the server going to have the race seat addon?

I’ve spent an hour or so adding a few things to my kart and god is having a working steering wheel satisfying.

Edit: Also, regardless of how much speed you think an extra gear will give you, you should seriously consider having reverse for that god forsaken hill after the S turn in the beginning. With make spherical just nicking the wall is grounds for a spin out.

“The Derp Kart”

anyone know how to make a kart turn while accelerating? all the weight in the rear ruins the steering

have to get some weight on front wheels, try adding the fuel tank up front or slide the base plate forwards some to shift center of mass

(mite need to get rockets input about that) but i don’t see the harm in sliding base plate up some its not changing the wheelbase/track any so its still 48x72 and it says props can go outside that

Plz answer ;3

i know if i put a prop weighing 25kg a fair way ahead of the baseplate, then weld it, it acts as a lever and forces the front wheels down a bunch
idk if thats cheating or anything though

Just out of curiousity, what’s the average speed of your guy’s carts? Mine’s like ~38-40 MPH max with the twin. I wanted to ask because I have this sinking feeling that my cart’s not going to be even remotely fast enough.