Cardboard Box combine prison guard.

Should be a real quick hack.

Oh god yes.
I must do it.

Why can’t you just nocollide it on if you don’t mind me asking.


So it’s all one skin and I don’t have to find that exact box all the time.

Was gonna be a personal skin for a friend.

I know some people don’t like ps’s though so.

Thanks shotgungguy


No problem.

You mind linking me the skin for that smg1?

The original was taken down, but the updated one is here.


muchos gracias, senor shotgunguy.

Here it is.
Sorry I released it so late.

There’s a couple issues that I don’t know how to fix.
I don’t know how to fix the weight of the box on the head, so It’s pretty heavy in-game.

Is it hexed? If not, I can hex it.

Yes it’s hexed.