Cardealer Help

Ok so I now have a car dealer class which sells sligwolf’s go karts but whenever I put it in it gives me this error:

Corrupt vehicle “Sligwolfs Go Kart”: element model is corrupt.
Vehicle invalid: Sligwolfs Go Kart. Unknown vehicle name.Corrupt vehicle “Sligwo
lfs Go Kart”: element model is corrupt.

Please help i’m desperate.

Post your code.

AddCustomVehicle(“Sligwolfs Go Kart”, “models/kart06.mdl”, 5000, TEAM_CAR)

The model isn’t being seen as valid.

  1. Does the path start from models/ or do you have to do **models/**model.mdl?
  2. Is the model on your server? Not just +host_workshop_collection, but the model physically being in your server’s model directory.