CarDM - The evolution of Car Fuckery

What even is this?
This is CarDM. An idea i had where people drive around and shoot things and stuff… you know… like with… rockets… and machine guns and other crap.

Because I wanted a gamemode in which I could fuck around to my own extent with cars… and stuff.

The general concept
So basically, you have a bunch of people, spawning in cars, driving around on a flat map with different areas shooting each other to absolute shit with whatever weapons they can buy.
Basic ideas are:
-Each weapon has a few tiers of levels
-When you first start of you get a tier 1 rocket launcher
-There are 3 types of weapons: Primaries (heavy weapons), Secondaries(light weapons such as machine guns etc), Extras(Things such as mine layers, etc)
-Get money for dealing damage/more for killing enemies.
-Maybe in the future armor upgrades to add additional physical pieces to the car and reduce damage taken
-In the future maybe I will make it into racing

This is a very early design model and i’m hoping to see this through.

I don’t have much content to show as i’ve just started working on this idea yesterday but i have a couple of screenshots:

Again, note that this is my first gamemode and I plan to continue work on it until it’s completion.

If you are going to critisize, please make it constructive.

Also, sorry about the large pictures, i got them straight from steam!

edit: Yes this is a compiled, working gamemode coded 100% in lua.

So have you actually made anything and do you have any real content, or did you just weld props to cars and call it a game concept? I mean, conceptually, it’s not bad, pretty reflective to a lot of Kart games’ VS mode. It’s just incredibly common pretty much everywhere, and, while I see it being fun and enjoyable, it seems like one of those gamemodes you put into fretta.

Do you have any lua knowledge, or did you just make this thread because of your “super amazing idea?”

No, I have lua knowledge, and everything you see in those screenshots is 100% lua.
There’s no input element for players at the moment
If you want to come take a look, launch the gmod beta and look in the server browser for the gamemode “cardm”.

Kool idea.

It’s not like we needed another roleplay/deathmatch gamemode…

And with that, you have my wishes to actually finish this gamemode.

Good luck ;D

i think it sounds cool, a race gamemode would really fit into gmod and if you need help mapping i would like to help

help like make maps