CarKill Fine

Hello, I would like to have a code ( because I can not ) that when a person carkill she lose € 500 it makes him a notification you lose € 500 , thank you for helping me


My gamemode is darkrp :stuck_out_tongue: sorry

Hello, this is not a request forum. Go here:

I know, I just wonder if someone does not already have a script on fooder because there is none : p

Does vehicle kills have a specific DMG enumeration? Or does it fall under GENERIC or CRUSH? Becuase making the fine system is easy

He can request help.

Entity:PhysicsInitSphere( number radius, string physmat )

Try something like that.

You should really stop trying to help people if you have no idea what on earth your even talking about.

You can use this hook and
This is untested but it should get you started in the right direction.

hook.Add("PlayerDeath", "CarKillFine", function(victim, inflictor, attacker)
	if IsValid(inflictor) and inflictor:IsVehicle() then 
		-- Run whatever code you want on the driver inflictor:GetDriver()

Make sure you use

Vehicle:GetDriver instead of GetOwner so that the person who is driving the car will be punished and not the owner.