Carl Wombossi - Version 2

So Rusty made a brilliant new facemap for Wombossi based on Djimon Hounsou a while back, and since I never managed to finish the new body I’m re-releasing our gold-crazy african warlord friend with his new facemap.


So this includes CARL WOMBOSSI V2 with new amazing facemap, Wombossi’s Golden AKS (+ mag prop, and with bodygroups for mag and bolt) and Wombossi’s glasses as a prop


Taggart: Concepting, Model Hacking, Skinning
Ilwrath/Nirrti: Additional Concepting, Custom Modelling (The Ruby, etc), Skinning
Bloocobalt: Recompiling the AKS and it’s mag so they weren’t fucked up
Rusty: The new facemap, which is amazing by the way
Simkas: Original porter of the K&L suits
IO Interactive: Kane and Lynch, where the bodies come from
Valve: Where the hands (Ellis, L4D2), Rings (Nick, L4D2), Glasses (Leet Krew, CSS) and head (a modified Male_03, HL2) come from

Download here.

This is so amazing I came gold


African warlord is back for more asskickin.


*Lord of War.

Is it just me or did Carl get even blacker than last time?

I’m serious, he’s become so black.

Once you go black, you never go back.

well, he’s african, so naturally he’s pretty black

But it’s like this new facemap made him blacker.

He has one shiny gold shirt, that’s for sure…

because it did, because it’s based on djimon hounsou

Well thanks for the release. This will be a good base for my Kony reskin.

“Djimon hounsou”…do you think he watches Digimon? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great release, he will go well with anything big, expensive and awesome.

He’s so rich and golden, he jizzs gold

Completely unrelated, but does anyone have a link to the white guy with the manly beard in the last scene?

He looks like he’d fit really good as a messenger-boy for an African warlord. And by messenger-boy I mean person who puts bullets in the heads of those his boss don’t like.

Agreed, looks like max payne in a way.

Pure swag!

Taggert you sexy black tiger!

…Wait, black panther I mean…

Is he by chance inspired by this guy?