CARnage - Relive Your Twisted Metal/Vigilante 8 Memories


A gamemode that is inspired by such games as Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8.
Being worked on by Ultra and The Commander.

Currently in a playable state on our testing server:
Content used for the gamemode: (Trying to keep this small as possible)

Current Stuff:

  • Multiple cars to choose from
  • Current working weapons, Machine Gun (all cars come equipped with this) Dumb rockets, Heavy Rocket, Mines
  • Weapon models are done via PAC3 and are placed on the cars.
  • Custom car selection screen etc
  • Different voice overs for each car
  • Current supported maps: gm_diprip_village and gm_faceoff

Stuff to come:

  • Upgrade cars with body kits and crap like that
  • Upgrade cars armour and engine specs
  • More cars and maps
  • Stuff I can’t think of right now

So this is what you were messing with car physics for, looks awesome!

reminds of me mario kart but in the arenas

Ooooooh! Very nice!

A whole bunch of people joined after this thread was made, we had a epic battle.

Fixed some bugs:

  • Fixed random box weapon creates
  • Fixed weapon spawns that you couldn’t reach with smaller cars
  • Added some more weapon pick ups around the map
  • Removed the ability to vote change map (for now)

Can we download gamemode ?

No. Why would he make this whole gamemode thats really nice and give it to every one?

It is to early to tell yet if we want to keep it private, scriptfodder or open.

Working on more weapons and adding more cars.

keep it proprietary

The HUD seems to indicate a localized damage system (ie, the green wireframe). I didn’t recall seeing anything show any changes while taking damage, though. Is that a TBD, or am I reading too much into the HUD?

You are reading to much into it, the cars on the HUD of Vigilante 8 were wire frame so that is where that idea came from.

I’d definitely buy this if it goes on ScriptFodder. It looks awesome, good job so far. :goodjob:

Thanks man, it’s nice to read that people are interested in this project.
SF could be a good possibility.
The main base of the gamemode is pretty much done, all that is left is more gui stuff and more weapons.