Carnifex in a jungle/swamp whatever

Tried to do a good pic with a meh model :saddowns:

Cool, i like it.

that certainly looks nice

That sure is a jungle/swamp thing.

Nice pic, It has a very nice swampy atmosphere.

Wow that is some scary shit. Like the light beams. Have wood.

Woah, what the hell is that? Nice model, have you got a link?

Epic atmosphere.

Great atmosphere. Do you have the original? I’d like to see how the model looks without editing.

That Meh Model must be mine.

I like it, not sure what a Carnifex is though.

It’s a beastie from Warhammer:




That thing looks hungry. So I’d keep away from it.

Good editing, have some art.

A HL2 mod called Exterminatus on ModDB. It has some Marines and other Tyranids too, but the Marines are rigged badly and most of the Tyras have messed up physics/bones.

filesmelt is the most inconsistent filehost since filecram B< Easy fast and never a problem. They even have a “not safe for work button”.

i see no pictures :crying:

And it’s damn slow.

Well not for me. Only thing I miss is multiply uploads.

Wow nice pic.
I love the atmosphere you made it on the jungle/swamp

Sorry for my bad English