Carnivore[Garrys mod animation using henrys animation tool)

Teaser #1

Teaser #2

Ill update this thread with more teasers up until the release of the full length feature. Currently working on the ending so it shouldnt be that long till release.

Im wondering about something though. How do i go about with credits?
Im using models from all kinds of games in this movie including Primal carnage ,left4dead ,mass effect etc.
Would realy be a shame if i couldn`t release this due to copyright infrigment.

That’s a pretty good concept. Really looking forward to see more of your work. All you need is a little tweaking on the animation and try not to shake the camera too much upon each step the T-rex takes because after all,it’s not an earthquake,right?

That blur shake is just in the teaser.

IMO it’d make it more interesting if there’d be more camera movement.
Like swinging it across the scene.

All these scenes are scenebuilds. Built from scratch.
Doesn`t allow for much camera movement without exposing my scenebuild tricks.
There are some moving cameras in the full length movie.

what’s the map?!?

I think its flatgras. The foilage i placed myself.
Its a scenebuild ,so its not a new map or anything.

and where u download that foliage, expecially the high grass in the first video?!?

I dont know where i got it in the first place. A long time since i downloaded it. I think it could be part of the Skyrim foilage pack. In my folders its only called Foilage. Could also be foilage from dark messiah.

excuse me for the disturb but i’m making a machinima and i need a last question… have u used Gmod?!? and how u have trasfered Left4dead, skyrim, dark messiah etc. in Gmod?!?

This is good but the animation is VERY stiff and robotic.
Try to smoothen the movement at the start and end of an action.

Yeah i know. Im an amateur trying to make a full length animated film.
Remember that this is my first movie ever.
Theres going to be a few stiff animations in the final product to. Its been a steep learning curve and youll see that in the final product.

Im getting better ,but my earliest animations were very stiff.
Replacing them would require way to much effort. I cant go perfectionism on a project this large.
That would take to long and be way to boring for my tastes.

Im not going to throw away what i have made so far.
There will be some clunky animations at times ,but i cant just throw away THAT much work.
Been working on this on and off since before christmas 2012.
The plan is to just release the whole movie as soon as its done…

If i just keep adding and changing stuff the movie wont ever release…

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I own all those games and i downloaded what i needed from workshop etc.
A lot of legacy addons at work to.

I dont feel the same freedom and ease of use with source filmaker so i stuck with garrys mod and henrys animation tool(greatest invention since garrys mod itself).
Realy hope to impress some people when the end product hits youtube…

Well it sounds like you really want to improve. Awesome!
Good luck on this and all your future projects!