Carrying/dragging the injured and the passed out.

A man is shot with a crossbow. He gets injured and goes down to the wounded state.

In his final fading breaths he sees the man with the crossbow look him in the eyes and watches as he takes aim.

Just before he passes out, he sees a savior. An angel. A man with a AK-47 who puts a bullet right between the eyes of the man with the crossbow.

Everything fades to black. He wakes up, in a house. He’s lying on a bed with a IV hooked up to him.

The man with the AK had saved him. He picked him up, carried him to his house, and saved his life.

For that the man would forever be thankful for.

The man with the AK had made a friend.

(My idea is to at least carry/drag wounded or passed out people. This would be cool because you could drag a friend behind cover in a firefight, or make a new friend. The whole thing with the IV and the bed is just something I threw in there).

I feel like like I just read a rape fantasy errotica…

I do like the hostage drag option in RoK, if rust could find a nice way to include it, I would farm slaves and be happy as hell.

You’d have to include a ‘if you’re being carried you don’t bleed / can’t suicide.’

Make it so when you’re being dragged, you slowly lose health and more you’re being moved around the faster you bleed out.
This way dragging can actually be used to save people from under direct fire and to a more covered spot instead of a griefing tool it’d end up becoming otherwise

I don’t like it


This idea or?

Come on man, tell me, put some detail into your opinions.

ahh, welcome back ehm, we missed you bro:)

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